Antivax: definition

The followers of Andrew Wakefield, a medical swindler When I talk about antivax on this blog, it’s not just a person who has learned about vaccines and is skeptical. I’m talking about the real anti-vaccine activist, conspiracy theorist and proselyte trained on social networks. There are nuclei of influence inspired by Andrew Wakefield, a former … Read more

The society of blackbirds

A group of Moluccan blackbirds squabble. On closer inspection, five of them are in the process of beating the sixth. Beak and claw strokes. The victim does not lead wide and flees with a wing, pursued by the vengeful group, which gets tired after a few moments. Guilty of a mysterious incarceration, the blackbird was … Read more

What is the difference between participatory democracy and anarchy?

Democracy seemed to be a mature institution, only requiring more fluidity in its decision-making levels. Here it is contested. The citizen reacts to the drastic reduction of its importance by refusing to comply with the instructions of the collective. This movement has different facets: rejection of legislation, of the general order, groupism, wokism. Philosophically it … Read more

Minorities: assimilation or isolation?

The debate on the integration of cultural minorities, revived by Zemmour’s integral assimilationism, is an avatar of the perpetual struggle between the individual and the collective. Conflict that resides within oneself. Me and the Whole. When ‘I’ resembles all the others, we take the side of the All and vilify the egocentrism of the recalcitrant. … Read more

Race, sex, and discrimination

Etymology ofostracism: exclusion from public life. In troubled times, the Athenians inscribed on a piece of pottery or a shell(ostrakon in Greek) the name of the person whose ideas they considered most dangerous for the city. The person was banned for ten years. Today the term indicates an unjust social exclusion, because the reasons are … Read more