Can nonconformism become a confinement?

My ex-best friend is a notorious nonconformist. Deconstructor since adolescence, he has fun destabilizing certainties with enough delicacy so that his interlocutors do not feel any aggression. A strong encouragement: he does the same thing on himself. Perpetually mocking his own speech. You take in what you like; nothing forces you to do so. Thus you become the owner of the criticism outlined.

Collectivism. This approach does not encroach on the other. The individualistic part of this friend is exposed only to relatives. He calls himself the creator of ventilationism,an avatar of deconstructionism consisting in presenting people with the worst nonsense under the guise that lends itself to believing them. Very tongue-in-cheek, he achieves this remarkably.

The problem is that he ended up believing his own nonsense. Today, he dumbs his old acquaintances of famous towers blown up by the CIA and lethal vaccines. He does not let you go until you have fully recognized the relevance of his remarks.

Individualism. Meanwhile, ventilationism and the works it produced have not been recognized as vital by the universe. More prosaically, the author was also not considered essential by the companions he desired. A disappointed individual collapses his collectivist part and desperately amplifies his ego, to the point of making him block the horizon. My friend’s ego has experienced this hypertrophy in a world that belongs only to him.

How is this possible in a non-conformist? This status reflects an attentive, biting observer, capable of scratching his own ego that cautiously retreats. How can the pamphleteer, who uses his existence to shake that of others, become in his turn gregarious and conservative in his thought?

Unfortunately it is very easy. It is enough to fill his non-conformism with stereotypes. They sediment over the years, from the virgin soil of adolescence to the thick screed of the old radoteur. The unpredictable young Hell’s Angel ends up in a hell so routine that not a single one of his protrusions is surprising.

My ex-best friend’s mind was filled with satanic codes and symbols, Illuminati, Big Pharma, CIA. He swirled around the truth to plant his banderillas. He ended up creating a ditch from which he no longer sees it. The atmosphere is stifling. Ventilationism is broken.

Do not comply with any anti-freeze unless it is an anti-freeze.


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